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Blocked IR receiver options?????

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With the IR receiver on the Sony GW apparently located in the base pedestal and wanting to place my center channel speaker in front of the base, what options are there to solving the remote control usage? I think I can purchase IR sensors but unsure of how this would work or where they could be purchased. Any ideas?????

Thanks all.

Pete in Louisiana
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An Internet search on "IR Emitter" got a ton of hits. The first one is:


I work with fiber optic lighting so I always think fiber. You may be able to place one end of a lightpipe in front of the IR detector on the TV and have the opposite end on top or along the side of the speaker in sight of your remote.

You could try a toslink optical connector to see if this works.

In recent models the IR reciever is located behind the "O" in

SONY. Try blocking the "O" and then usethe remote.
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