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Blown Away !!

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Just got my first pj....Benq 8700.. projecting on a white wall from 13ft...totally blown away...i cant believe the quality, cant imagine what its gonna look like with screen. Only one problem...using the new MS xbox HD component hookups from the box directly to the pj, screen is split in half and pj fails to show higher resolutions when i enable the video options like 480p, 720p, and 1080i. the screen is all distorted and keeps flashing, and the pj keeps trying to read component signal. like i said, this is my first pj experience and im totally clueless. if anyone has any information as to what i need to do so i can play games at their highest quality please let me know. Any info will be GREATLY aprreciated... people at BB and circuit city are just as clueless as me. =( pleas help. thanks.

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Your post is unclear. Did you get the Xbox component to work with 480i or not?

You've got to isolate the problem. Try your Xbox on another HDTV. Try your projector with a progressive DVD player.

Congrats on your new projector. Warning, if you hook a PC and play some Far Cry, your Xbox will be unwatchable!
I believe the problem may be that you need to utilize the BNC connection on the 8700. I too have a Benq 8700 and play XBOX over it and have no problems and the 480p games look awesome at 125 inches diag.

I think I have the older xbox HD Pack that has the breakout box with a connection to the xbox and the plugs for the R/G/B component cable. From what I remember, the 8700 has issues with High Def. over the R/G/B component hookup on the projector, so you must plug BNC ends into the end of your component cable (get at Radio Shack - they're cheap) and use the R/G/B BNC connections at the 8700, instead of the component. This will leave the "A" and the "H" connections open (not used).

Just choose the right connection option on the remote (can't remember off hand which one) and you're in bizz-nezz. I usually play on Wide aspect and I set the XBOX for 720p or 1080i. The screen shows I'm playing at 525p (not sure why), but it looks good.

If that's the case I have a 6' BNC/component cable I don't need that I will sell for cheap. PM me.
sweet, im gonna pick those connectors up tomorrow...i ll let you guys know how it went....thank you very much!
oh, and chris, i do have far cry, cant wait to check that out ! thanks for reminding me!
wasko8 ,

--- What cables are you using to connect to the 8700 from the Xbox HiDef pack [ or do you have the new version with no breakout box ] ?

--- Does the 8700 only allow 480i on the Component connection ? I cannot imagine such an expensive/nice projector would not allow higher resolutions over the normal component connection [ maybe a firmware bug ? ] .

--- This function would make it similar to the InFocus X1/SP4800 .

--------- Jason
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i have the new hd cables without the box
The 8700 does all HD resolutions up to 1280x720 pixels, with the exception of 1080p.

Not sure why, but the BNC connection is required to output the better resolutions. The thread in the Above $3500 Projectors may shed more light on it, but it works fine.

You don't need a true BNC cable. The BNC to RCA connectors female end

will plug right into the component cable for connecting to the 8700 without noticable video degradition.

The 8700 has garnered a reputation of being a great "bang for the buck", with outputting decent light, good resolution, fast color wheel, vivid colors, heavy construction, sealed optics and decent support and warrenty (1 year hot swap).. couldn't be happier myself, especially with all of the horror stories I've heard with projector purchases. My brother-in-law's Dell 2600? died in about 10 hours.

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Congrats on your projector as I just got my first projector(Sharp Z2000) this weekend. They are right when they say once you hook up your pc and play a game like far cry or half life 2. Xbox just can't compete.

I rented MX Unleashed for xbox since it supports 1080i and it's pretty nice.

Check it out.

finally got it to work, i think. i just changed xbox video configs to 1080i and ran pj in anamorphic mode...looks sweet. is there supposed to be that much of a difference in video quallity cuz i cant really see a huge diff. thanks. also would bnc connectors over my components improve video quality?
Try the BNC, you may see a difference.

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