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Mits WD-62827 with flashing lamp light.

First, I can't mention the 62827 without wondering why there has never been a class action against Mits over these TVs. That said....

Note: when the TV was new (2005) I had problems with it going dead and the lamp light on or flashing (can't remember which). I managed to clear the problem then with some combination of power cycles and resets.

I was away for 10 months and the TV was left disconnected, no power. Six months before I took off, I had moved and ever since then whenever it was on for more than a couple of hours, the colors would start to bloom and it became unwatchable. A heat problem presumably as well as possibly the Light Engine.

So I'm back and dusting and vacuuming and reconnecting the TV and I figure as long as I'm back there to pull the Lamp Housing out and clean out all the dust and clear the vent screens. I hadn't turn it on since coming back, but it was working when I left.

I replace the lamp housing and turn it on. The green light keeps flashing then there's two short lamp yellows and a long, one more green and then constant yellow lamp flashes.

I suppose I could have damaged the bulb when I man-handled the housing, but it's also possible that the unit isn't seated properly and making contact. How can I tell? A visual inspection of the bulb doesn't reveal anything, and other than a snug fit there's nothing to let me know the contacts have properly slipped in.

BTW, just to check I powered on the TV with the bulb out and got the same sequence of lights.

Any help appreciated.
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