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Originally Posted by rustgl  /t/1521961/blu-ray-and-dvd-fail-to-satisfy-because-you-cant-make-legal-copies/0_100#post_24465776

DVDFab looks like it's going to get shutdown.

Not likely . . it seems like all this judge did was stop Fengtao from using USA based servers & their .com name. That was a brief bump in the road apparently, as their operations were back on line in less than 24 hours (with a slightly different url). This is a Chinese company from what I understand, so the NY based judge involved can do whatever but it has little to no impact in China? The issue here is apparently not copyright infringement - rather the Clinton era enacted DMCA. But it is not law outside the USA (although some countries do have similar laws enacted). The courtroom wrangling will surely go on forever . . .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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