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Hi everyone,

I have a Toshiba A2 player to play my HD DVDs. I hook it up using SPDIF (toslink cable) to get sound to my z-5500 logitech speakers.

1. Is this the smartest way to get sound to my logitech z-5500 speakers? Someone told me about the analog connections, but would like cleared up if possible.

Now, I recently got a XPS 420 with an integrated 7.1 audio sound card. It came with a Blu Ray player, so I went out and bought the upgrade PowerDVD Ultra as people on the forum have said.

1. Should I use my SPDIF (toslink cable) to my z-5500? Or should I use analog?

2. Should I get a dedicated sound card? I would not mind spending around $100 on one. I don't know if I should have my sound card decode the audio or if I should have my z-5500's do the job.

3. I notice on my z-5500 it has the Dolby Digital Pro Logic II, THX, and DTS on it. Will my speakers be able to get the audio from Blu Ray discs and convert it to support them? I keep seeing Blu Ray discs with the Dolby Digital TruHD. I do not care if I cannot get the TruHD, but I do want 5.1 surround sound with at least Dolby Digital.

Thanks! Sorry for the noob questions, but I am trying to get into the HTPC and HD format market!
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