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Blu-ray: HD DVD Can't Prevail Without Studio Support

While LG and Warner Bros. were making headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for their solutions to possibly end the high-definition DVD format war, the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps were busy duking it out. I sat down with representatives from both sides for in-depth interviews.

For the Blu-ray camp, it's all about content. At their CES press conference, they brought out studio heads to discuss the 2007 lineup of Blu-ray movies and tout the content they already have.

I interviewed Andy Parsons, promotion chair of the Blu-ray Disc Association and senior vice president of Pioneer, and Bill Sheppard, senior industry manager for Digital TV at Sun Microsystems, who were interested in talking about what the format has accomplished so far and the studio backing.

"We're just really trying to highlight the industry support," said Parsons.

Blu-ray is backed by Sony, Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, MGM and Buena Vista -- HD DVD is supported by Universal and segments of the porn industry. Warner Bros. is supporting both formats.

"Nobody buys my company's player because it goes well with the furniture -- they buy it because it's a gateway to [content]," Parsons said. "You're going to tell someone that they can't watch Disney movies and Fox movies on an HD DVD player?"

Parsons and Sheppard said that the lower price point for HD DVD players isn't a hindrance for Blu-ray adoption, and questioned whether Toshiba has a feasible business model when players are sold at a loss.

"It's cheap, but maybe it's cheap for a reason," said Parsons. "If someone wants to spend $499 on a player, they should get a PS3."

For more of the interview with Blu-ray execs, check out
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