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Blu-ray is in Patent trouble...

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Blu-Ray embroiled in patent row

Target claims violation

By Nick Farrell: Friday 25 May 2007, 16:11

BLU-RAY TECHNOLOGY might suffer a setback after a Californian outfit claims Sony has nicked its ideas and violated its patents.

According to Gamespot, Target Technology, which designs and supplies corrosion resistant thin film alloys for optical disc applications, wants damages for alleged patent violations relating to the Blu-ray technology.

In the dock will be Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Pictures, and Sony DADC. The technology in question is the reflective layer materials in optical discs.

Target's patent relates to the use of cheaper silver-based alloys with the advantages of gold. The patent was filed in April of 2004 and granted in March of 2006.

Target wants a permanent injunction preventing Sony from violating its patent rights in the future. If it gets it then Blu-ray disks could be off the shelves, although this is fairly unlikely. Target wants damages with interest, multiplied due to what it characterizes as deliberate and willful infringement.

Sony has not commented on the case yet.

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None of that will be a real issue. It will take years to get to court and then it will be settled.
This is a non issue, this can go away with the stoke of a pen to check.

Originally Posted by b.greenway /forum/post/0

This is a non issue, this can go away with the stoke of a pen to check.

that simple uh?...let me ask you, if your invention's being used without your consent and the violator offers you a settlement, what would your price tag be?

I say, royalties for each units sold with an initial amount welcoming you into my invention...now I can demand anything, you've taken something without negotiation and it's too late for that...how would it look amonst the share holders?...interesting!
Isn't it ironic that the biggest supporter of digital copyright protection is in trouble for stealing something from someone else without paying for it. Such friggin hypocrates!! I hate Sony.
Anyone remember back at launch when they had crap for yields and all of a sudden it was fixed with this new coating.... I think they absolutely knew about it but had there back against the wall at launch time...
That's Sony for ya.
Not the first time sony did this. The PS3 doesn't have rumble cause they were stealing it from somebody else during the PS2 reign. Cost em quite a bit of money to settle (150 million?)
already posted on several forums
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