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for those who remember the last few decades of the optical disc for most for film, music, etc. Laser rot is a phenomenon that we are all used to but it looks like we will suffer rotting discs again with some blue ray releases.
if you have a dvd, Laser disc or blu ray player you should be aware that some titles you own may not be playable any longer, this includes Playstation and Xbox games (dead rising and GTA 5)

And my blu ray collection have started to rot away, one title does not even play anymore.

the Australian release of the nightmare before Christmas: special edition is a rotter avoid it, do not buy this release it may not be playable.
and be careful when buying any blu ray or dvd release from Disney with mint markings from 2010- 2013.
Charade is another rotter along with gone with the wind 75th anniversary, harry potter series, lord of the rings extended edition, toy story, plus may others.

Anyone else had problems with blu ray rot?

I would Just like to add that not singe laser disc in my collection has rot (i have about 80)
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