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blu-ray vs. HD DVD...and will they EVER actually be released???

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Looks like the release dates for both Blu-Ray players and HD-DVD players keeps getting pushed farther and farther back. Few questions:

-Will recordable versions of both formats be available?

-Is this going to turn into another Betamax vs. VHS type of thing?

-Is one better than the other?

-I've heard mid 2006 as the most recent updated release date. Are there actually any movies being sold in either format, or will there be by then?

-are they compatible with standard DVD's?

-Will there be players that can play the HD content of the new discs yet still upconvert the old ones?

-Are they going to be ridiculously expensive?
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one more question:

-most of what I read concerning the delay in release for both formats involves copy-protection issues. is it going to be damn-near impossible to record a program and watch it later on Blu-Ray/HDDVD?
Check the hdtv software and hardware sections...but in a couple weeks time we will have a lot more info on hi res dvd.

As it sits now...B/R seems to be in the lead with more support ect with a rumored June release for players and software.
Yes, this is absolutely another beta max versus VHS format war. Although the videophiles claim BR will win, I'm not so sure since it will be more expensive, with no benefit (to the average consumer, IMO) to justify the additional cost. BR has more studio support, but if the less expensive HD players sell better, the studios will change their alliance very quickly (they can't afford to stick with a losing technology). Although the new high def DVDs will not play in current players, I would assume that the new players will be able to play current 480i DVDs (if neither BR nor HD can play 480i DVDs, they are both doomed to fail, IMO). Yes, they will be expensive. Nobody knows whether they will be able to upscale 480i DVDs. Haven't heard of any recorders yet in either format, but HD DVRs already exist.
Interesting, my wife asked me last night will the new HD-DVD players upconvert the old DVD's to 720p or 1080i. I guess she wants to know before she lets me spend $$$ on it.
I do think that both BR and HD DVD players can play DVD 480i discs.

If/when I do take the plunge, I may buy the Samsung player that plays BOTH types assuming they'll release it in the US.
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