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I have had my Sammy for several years (since it hit the shelf). It plays DVD and HDDVD without error everytime. When Blu-Ray first came out, it played them I think. Hard to remember. However, It will not play BD now at all. It will just open the tray most of the time. If I reboot, it may start to play (does this on A-Team), but then starts to dragg and pixelate as if I were trying to stream it over a slow internet connection. Mostly, it just wont play them.

My wife is picking up a cleaning disc if she can find one and I will try that. I have the latest firmware, but with I could revert and try that.

I really love this player and I want to use it through my RX-V2600. Audio and picture is legendary through the Yamaha to my 720p DLP. I like the Sammy set to PCM so I can enjoy the DTS Master audio and Dolby true HD.

I will try any suggestion anyone may have and thanks in advance for your help.
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