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Sorry if I am asking a question similar to what has already been posted but I want to be specific to my own issue.
I have a 52 inch Samsung LCD TV for about 4 years. Model No E52B750U1WXXU,
The problem is I have these blue vertical lines coming down the screen and its extremely distracting when trying to view a program,
These lines have come about a year ago but disappeared on their own but now have come back and have been there for months, Id really rather not pay for someone to come out out and have a look at the T.V when maybe the issue could be resolved by myself,
If its a matter of tightening connections or something like that I would be more than capable but before i go opening it up Id like some advice,

Any advice or solutions/thoughts would be very welcome as a repair man would be the very last option for me,

Thanks in advance for any support



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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