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Hi guys, I purchased a Pioneer SD player based on reviews on this forum and have just beginning to use the USB slot to play videos. I would like to use an external HD drive so I can play videos easier instead of my current way which is to copy a video file onto a USB flash, then play the video, delete it, then copy another video file in order to play a 2nd video. I found out that my current DVD player will only accept 32FAT which limits a video file to less than 4GB.

My question is that are there other DVD player that will accept NTFS? This way I can copy a lot of video files onto my 80GB hard disc drive and then use the USB to play them. My 80GB HD can only be formated in NTFS.

2nd question, is Blue Ray picture quality a lot better when playing a SD disc vs a SD upconverted DVD Player? I normally just play SD video that I have recorded off the air using a DVD recorder, burn onto a Disc to be played later.

I am not interested in the high end Blue Ray DVD player since I don't own any Blue Ray disc so would like to get a basic Blue Ray player if possible. Thanks for any help.
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