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I'm hoping I can draw on the collective knowledge here to solve a troubling question. I've noticed this problem before, but the recent release of the Aladdin DVD has really made me get annoyed with my set-up... something is wrong.

Here's the setup:

Toshiba SD-2006 DVD player

Sima Video Copymaster (to remove Macrovision)

Harmonic Research VC-303 Line Doubler

Vidikron VPF40HD CRT projector

Here's the problem:

During some scenes (seems to happen especially when there's a lot of deep color saturation and sharp image lines), there is a distinct blue "shadow" cast to the left of the image... as if the blue convergence were off. The shadow image is around 1" to the left of the main image on my 90" screen. Switch to a different scene and it seemingly goes away. A check of convergence with a grid pattern reveals "perfect" (and I use the term loosely... does it ever really get absolutely perfect?) convergence and focus.

I will try to attach a photo showing what I mean. The picture is out of focus (didn't have a tripod... couldn't hold still enough in the dark), but you can still clearly see a blue shadow on Aladdin's hair and on the genie. Any ideas on what's causing this?

Since the convergence and focus look fine, I'm wondering if this could be a line-doubler or macrovision remover induced artifact? Any ideas?

Thanks much!

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