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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been around here. I want sure exactly how to title this, so please near with me.

I find myself shopping for a sound bar. I put together a 3rd Gen i3 Intel NUC for a living room htpc. It only has HDMI audio out and I also put the wifi/Bluetooth card in it. This is our secondary watching/listening spot with only the tv and PC, no AVR. I'm just looking for something a bit better than the TV speakers with a small footprint.

I'm petty interested in the pioneer sb23w after doing a little reading here. I see it only has optical and analog audio inputs. I assume I shouldn't have any problem connecting the PC to the sound bar and letting all audio fly via Bluetooth. Is there a down side to this, or should I be looking for something with HDMI? The TV is a Sony 40" mid model from a few years ago. I assume it will be better to have the sound bar in the middle of the chain instead of past the TV.

I can't really spend any more than the sb23w. Do you guys have any other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

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