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I recently upgraded my receiver, and have a spare unit sitting around in a closet collecting dust. It is the receiver unit from a Sony HTiaB component set up, the HTDD-W900. The receiver itself is the STR-K900.

Now, the connections on this bad boy are limited, a few Stereo RCA inputs, one digital coaxial, one digital optical, and a 2/1 HDMI Passthrough. Seeing as how I only have a single TV, I originally was going to use it as a very large paperweight unless a friend of mine wanted to purchase it from me, but then I came across a pair of speakers from an old stereo shelf system in my closet as I cleaned it out. The stereo portion of it had croaked a long time ago, and I had actually held onto the speakers for just such an occasion.

My main TV/PC/Receiver is located in an "office" type room, and in my bedroom I usually have my laptop just sitting around (which I am currently typing from). The laptop's speakers leave much to be desired. My idea is to take this older receiver, and these older speakers, and create a little 2-channel shelf system to use with my laptop.

Now, I use my laptop from my bed, as I don't have a desk or anything. There are a few different places I could set up the speakers (be it on top of drawers, or situated towards the head of my bed, with the receiver tucked beneath something out of the way), however all of them would require some sort of cord to connect my laptop to the receiver (through a stereo mini to RCA cord). And, of course, the one that would have it situated on the dresser would require quite a long cable that would run across the room.

Being a Sony receiver, and working at a Sony outlet, I was aware that, through the use of Sony's Digital Media Port, I could acquire a Bluetooth receiver and plug it into the back of the system. Upon further inspection, I realized that this receiver did not have this port, so that question was right out.

Through some research on both Google and Amazon, I came across quite a few wireless stereo transmitters and receivers. Many of them were rather large, bulky, and requiring something still plugging into the laptop.

My thoughts then turned to bluetooth, since I have an incredibly small MoGo bluetooth dongle. I found a few different bluetooth stereo receivers that would plug into the receiver, but many of these options were in the 80+ dollar range.

Through my resources at my store (though sadly we carry none), I did find a sony bluetooth receiver that would cost me roughly 40 dollars (interestingly the same price on amazon).

Given my situation, and not wanting to spend over 50 dollars, what type of solutions are available?

Thank you!

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