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Bluetooth options for outdoors

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Hi all,

I'm new here and I'm in the market for some new Bluetooth speakers for my outdoor deck area for parties. I want a couple speakers that are linkable that have long battery life. I'm considering a 3x JBL Charge 5's or 2x Xtreme 2's or possibly 2 Xtreme 3's. Im open to other recommendations as well. Trying to stay under $500 total. I'm leaning toward JBL because I get a slight discount...

Any recommendations are appreciated!
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I have some of the smaller JBL BT speakers (2 & 3s) and they are remarkably capable.
I know they link as a stereo pair, not sure they can link three?

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I don't have direct experience with the larger JBL speakers, just the small Clip 3, but I have seen good reviews for them.
The JBL website says that two Charge 5 and Xtreme 3 can be paired together ("PartyBoost" feature), so a third wouldn't work. But the Xtreme 2 says you can connect more than 100 speakers together ("JBL Connect+" feature), so if you eventually want three that could work for you.
That said, the Xtreme 3 is rated the loudest, so it's possible two could be enough for your deck?

I have had three of the Logitech Ultimate Ears models (MINIBOOM, WONDERBOOM 2, and MEGABOOM 3), which are also well reviewed and often on sale. Two of the smaller WONDERBOOM 2 can be paired in stereo, but the BOOM 3, MEGABOOM 3, and HYPERBOOM can all be linked together in the app with up to 150 speakers. The BOOM/MEGABOOM list for $150/200 each and the larger one has longer rated battery life and more volume, but both are waterproof. The HYPERBOOM is much larger and louder and lists for $400 and has splash resistance but can't be submerged.
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I was going to mention the "UE BOOM" series of speakers too.
Depending on the layout of your deck and your $500 max budget, I would consider a single UE Hyperboom ($400), which is going to sound more full and dynamic than 2-3 JBL Charge or 2-3 UE Megaboom models.

We own a UE Hyperboom, and it is a great largish portable speaker that we take on trips, camping, etc.

For a lower cost option, I would consider 2 Soundcore Motion Booms for around $200 total. They are impressive little speakers for the money with surprising bass capabilities and pretty balanced sound after some manual EQ tweaking in the app (some bass and treble boost). They can be paired for stereo. I briefly owned a UE Megaboom and the Soundcore Motion Boom is a better speaker at a lower price, IMO. We got our youngest son a Soundcore Motion Boom for Christmas, and our oldest son and I were so impressed that we both also bought one.
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