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Hi gang, I have a Sharp 64" HD RPTV, model 64LHP5000. The front of the TV got smashed taking out the anti-glare lens and the two lenses behind it- one thin and gray, one thick and prismatic. I called Sharp and they sent me to local dealers to inquire as to parts, but I was hoping someone here in the Chicago area can make a recommendation. I am also open to any DIY options- I was a CE bench tech for 10 years before I went into IT. Please feel free to PM me on this one.

Any help is appreciated; TV still looks decent- CRT's are tired but supposedly was OEM'd by Pioneer, so would like to get it back in action if cost permits.


Update- been calling all sorts of dealers, no luck. Does anyone know if the thick prismatic lens in the unit is pretty much standard stuff for all TV's (except for height and width) or if the screens have unique properties to each one of them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hoping for a DIY fix
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