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My first post, and also new to HDPC as well. I got my htpc up, 3GH core 2, nvidia 8600gts, Vista Ultimate. Media center does everything well, plays my mp3, .vob...

My problem now is the text doesn't look smooth on my 46" 1080p LCD. For example, the text looks ugly in firefox or IE, not sharp, some characters got "bold". In a word, it's like I am using a cheap video card. When I view pictures or play DVD, it displays just fine! Here is my setting, from nvidia control, I set resolution to 1920x1080 which match with my LCD. I use DVI-HDMI cable to connect to the LCD.

However, when I connect my Dell laptop through dockstation DVI-HDMI port, the text display laser sharp, and super clear! My 512MB 8600gts must be a better one, right?

Could anyone give some inputs on how to fix the text display? Thanks.
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