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Originally posted by HDCblGuy:
Could you plug an RCA cable into a BNC output?

BNC connectors twist on (the have a little spring-loaded

end with a prong, that "locks" once you release it after

twisting it into its female counterpart).

RCA connectors just push in... male to female. It's

pressure that keeps the connection, but pulling can

pull the connector out or even pull the cable out of the


BNC connectors, because of the twist-on design, are much

stronger and secure. Pro-quality, typically.

If you're looking at the Inline IN3582 2-in/1-out switch

(for two YPbPr sources into one YPbPr component video

input on an HDTV set), your best bet is to either buy

specific BNC-to-RCA and BNC-to-RCA cables (e.g. Audioquest

makes versions of their YIQ-1 and YIQ-2 cables, with your

choice of connectors at either end) or go to Radio Shack

and buy an adquate number of BNC-to-RCA and RCA-to-BNC

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