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on the flight back home i was shocked to several tiny 4"? crt pjs ceiling-mounted down the center of the plane.

i was about mid-plane and about 2 rows back from a pj and when it was time for the movie the attendant brought out a rigid screen and secured it about 10' from the pj.

really crappy textured screen and of course the pj was in dire need of tweaking.

didnt get to see what the pq in 1st class looked like.

anybody else seen these ?

i want to say the lenses had --hdcc?-- or -- hcdd?-- printed on the bezels.

no model # or anything else i could see.

nice sleek looking cases too.

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I did a quick google, but didn't see a model.

There are some that show up on ebay for $50 every once in a while... VPH-422 or something


Originally Posted by caa.co.uk /forum/post/0


APPLICANT: Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited

AIRCRAFT TYPE: Boeing 767-33A

Cabin Entertainment Systems, Video

The AWW VN422/423 airplanes will have a Sony Transcom standard overhead video

system installed. The overhead video system will consist of two Video Tape

Reproducers, a System Control Unit and a Tuner installed in the Video Control Center.

There will be four projectors and two 16" Monitors throughout the cabin for displaying

the video.

The UKL VN922 airplane had a Sony Transcom standard overhead video system and an

Airshow passenger flight information display system installed. This video system

consisted of one Video Tape Reproducer, an Airshow Control Unit, a TV Tuner and a

Video System Control Unit in the Video Control Center. The Airshow Digital Interface

Unit (D) is installed in the EE bay and two projectors, four 16" Monitors and two 8.6"

LCD monitors for displaying the video.

The following is a list of video equipment that will be installed on the AWW VN422/423

airplanes :

Qty Vendor Equipment P/N Description

2 Sony Transcom 743-0238-001 Video Tape Reproducer

1 Sony Transcom 743-0215-010 System Control Unit

1 Sony Transcom 700-1990-001 TV Tuner

5 Sony Transcom 700-1500-004 Video Distribution Unit
4 Sony Transcom 700-1117-009 Projector

2 Sony Transcom 700-1589-002 16" Monitor, CRT

The aircraft will also be fitted with the ASINC Airshow 200 system (which has been

delivered on UKL VN922).

The above listed equipment has been previously FAA certified and has been declared as

meeting CAA requirements.

Originally Posted by seatguru.com /forum/post/0

Video projector screens are located on the bulkhead walls at Rows 2,7, and 25. There are also video monitors located on the bulkhead walls at Rows 7,17 and 20 and above Rows 23 and 33. On AFS flights, First Class passengers also get a personal DVD player
Originally Posted by findarticles.com /forum/post/0

Global AirWorks, its Aviation Division, has been awarded a $7.3 million contract by Avianca Airlines, a leading South American airline, to purchase a variety of aviation related equipment and services, including the CDSS Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems (CDSS), In Flight Entertainment systems (IFE), the Electronic Flight Bag/Class I (EFB 1), In-Seat Laptop Computer Power Systems and various cabin refurbishment for Avianca's fleet of Boeing 767...

The Airline has also agreed to purchase the recently introduced In-Flight Entertainment System, featuring a Global AirWorks Media Max digital audio/video server and state-of-the-art LCD screens. The System not only improves viewing quality, but by replacing old projection systems and heavy Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screens, it eliminates 300 pounds of weight per aircraft generating approximately $300,000 of annual fuel savings per aircraft.

The new IFE system ranges from $150,000 to $335,000 per plane depending on the size of the aircraft. Over 5,000 aircraft are currently operating with older technology projector systems and CRT's, making them perfect candidates for the high quality digital viewing and weight savings derived from the new Global AirWorks In Flight Entertainment System.

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I've seen some very small CRTs on a couple of flights this year. I couldn't make out exactly what PJs these were, but they look like Sonys just based on the shape (the covers were bare and matched the plastic used on the overhead bins, etc.)

Needless to say, they were all completely jacked up.

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There have been projectors on airlines and long flights for god knows how long - I know they are always on the AA Hawaii Flights etc - and continue to look absolutely horrendous as they have for as long as they have been onboard.

Are you talking about something new?

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Back before ESP became Ampro we got some sample CRTs from Sony. They were 5" ES focus jobs. They looked like miniature SD130s. Maybe what these projectors have? I haven't seen anything like that since.

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