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I am selling my Bohlender Graebener (BG Radia) 220i loud center channel speaker the list price is $2,750.00. I puchased it 6 months ago brand new from a certified BG Radia dealer .I have the original reciept that will be transfered in the new owners name for the life time warranty.It is in pristine condition and pristine operating conditon I am the first and only adult male owner . This is the Bohlender Graebener (BG Radia) top end current flagship center channel loud speaker for the serious audio or home theater enthusiast. if you never heard the sound that a BG radia planner ribbon loud speaker produces your ear's will thank you for hearing the precision clarity they produce at any volume and most demanding volume levels .The BG Radia 220i will make the largest home theater or surround sound system proud and steal center stage with it's clarity and presision effortles sound at any play back level and provides breathtaking imaging and increadible dynamics to a new level..This is a mammoth speaker weighing in at a whopping 52lb's and measuring in at L- 41 x H - 8.25 x D-12. It was in a no smoking no children no pet home theater and was well taken care of and has about 100 hours on it and was not abused .It will be shipped with all the original paper work and in the original factory box and packing it came in. I accept PayPal or a personal check please add 3% if using PayPal ....$85.00 SHIPPING in US only.

The unsung hero in any multi-channel system, the center channel

speaker often holds the key to sonic bliss, whether it’s reproducing clear, distinct

dialogue, or delivering the vocals in a

high-resolution audio mix. And nothing

proves more heroic than the 220i

Center Channel. Using BG’s proprietary

planar ribbon technology, the 220i

features two planar drivers to cover the crucial vocal spectrum, as well as two 6.5-inch

mid-woofers for quick, powerful bass. A patented Neo3 PDR planar ribbon tweeter

completes this seamless design.

A perfect complement for the entire Radia Series, the 220i features a high-density

MDF enclosure with wear-resistant black coating, black fabric grille and black anodized

aluminum fascia. Although it has been designed to be used above or below a screen

or video display, the 220i can be remarkably effective when used as a main or surround

speaker in systems with space constraints.

The ability to faithfully reproduce the intricacies of the human voice, and the power

to bring effects alive. The 220i is a breathtaking solution to the most complex

multi-channel challenges.

› Versatile Ribbon-based design handles movie dialogue and musical sources

equally well.

› Lifelike Planar ribbon drivers provide amazing clarity, resolution and fidelity.

› Robust Ample power handling for reliability, can be used with any high-quality amplifier.

P l a n a r C e n t e r C h a n n e l S p e a k e r

p l a n a r t e c h n o l o g y T H E R A D I A S E R I E S



50-250 watts

› F R E Q U E N C Y R E S P O N S E :

(-6 dB, half space)

50 Hz-25 kHz

› R AT E D IMP E D A N C E :

4 ohms

(compatible with

8 ohm systems)

› S E N S I T I V I T Y :

88 dB/1W/1m


2 - 6.5” woofers

2 - 8” planar midrange drivers

1 - 3” planar ribbon tweeter

› D IME N S I O N S :

8.25” x 41” x 12”

› WE I G H T :

52 lbs.

› F I N I S H E S :


› WA R R A N T Y :

Lifetime (limited)

The loudspeaker consists of an MDF enclosure housing the system’s

drivers and crossover components. An aluminum fascia is attached to

the front of the enclosure and supports the grille.

The enclosure has a durable black coating, black fabric grille and black

anodized fascia.

The internal crossover divides frequencies between the mid-bass and

planar drivers at 350 Hz and between the planar drivers and the

patented Neo3 PDR planar ribbon tweeter at 2,500 Hz. Speaker cables

are attached via heavy-duty gold-plated binding posts.

The 220i is designed to be used full-range with response above 80 Hz.

Best results will be obtained in systems that incorporate a high-quality

subwoofer such as the BGX. Ideal for use in large-scale home theater

installations and can be driven with any high-quality amplifier or receiver.




3535 Arrowhead Drive · Carson City, NV 89706 · phone: 775-884-1900 · toll free: 888-8PLANAR (888-875-2627)

internet: www.bgradia.com · email: [email protected]

© Copyright 2010 BG Corp. All rights reserved. Products, features and specifications subject to change without notic0e.3/06


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