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Hi, I have read lot of posts on this forum over the last month or so, researching for my HT setup. I found lot of useful information and thank the contributors.


I am faced with a difficult challenge of designing a HT for my living room. Any relevant feedback is appreciated. Please move this thread if this is the wrong forum for my questions.


This is my first step and is related to speaker position… I placed the TV + sound bar in a position I thought would best suit a HT setup. Low volume could not be heard and raising it only caused booming sound all over the room.


The room is 12’6” x 23’, with the sloping roof raising from both shorter sides and going up 20’ at the center (shown in green shade). One longer side has two 7’ openings into kitchen (3’ wide) and foyer (3’6” wide) but no actual doors. This is a fairly recent construction. The wall with openings is inside wall (leading to other rooms). The other three walls are insulated exterior walls.


Position 1 did not work for us. I want to get your thoughts on what is causing the booming noise in this position.



Position 2 seems to work well for sound, except that the TV is to a corner and not positioned well for HT speakers. I want to know other suggestions. The biggest constraint seems to be the direction of sunlight. Neither the TV nor the viewers should be facing the sunlight.




I think that my choice of speakers (floor-standing, stand/wall-mounted, in-wall, etc.) will depend on the TV position and available space!


Thanks in advance.

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