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So i used to have a set of bose 301 series 3 that sounded pretty good as my mains years ago this was in the 90's. I have polk m60's up front now with the polk 12 inch high power sub and polk cs2 i think center that has dual 6 1/2 and im not really that happy with it. Yes it gets loud. yes its clear sounding and no i don't like the sub. The sub bass is dirty and port noise is bad. The port came broke in the box and not sure what to do about that. I don't know if polk would warranty it or not. I have been thinking about building a new box. I'm going to order a 15 inch sub and build the box and use a rack mount amp. So right now i have some sony towers wit 8's in them for the sides and some vega's in the rear for back sound. The vega's are over 12 years old they sound good but there is some many driver types that i think it takes away from the overall sound q. I have been looking at bose, polk, and some other brands. I was thinking of getting 2 set's of the m40's or bose 201 and use for side and back sound's and if i go bose later on i would upgrade the front's to bose 301 for the sides and 161 for center i would use both speakers in the 161 set for center. What i feel im missing is voice i want more depth and same brand at the end all the way around. budget for rear and side speakers is 220 a set. The bose were the top price i wanted to pay. I know what every one thinks of bose here and i know there is lots of better brands. I just don't have that kind of money to spend.

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If you want better voice reproduction - then skip the Bose and Polk Monitor speakers.

I would upgrade the front speakers - and concentrate on the subwoofer

Look at NHT SuperOne 2.1 - they have good clarity and are good with voices
3 ea across the front for the L/C/R - sold each - and third picture down

Also, Wave Crest Audio - you can buy 3 ea for the front LCR

If you want a budget sub - that many budget friendly people are happy with,
Then look at the Dayton 1200

Or, build a DIY sub

What you do is up to you - however, I would think about selling your other stuff

Your call
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