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hello everybody, my first post here.
i'm looking for a new setup and want to avoid Bose CineMate® 220 or Lifestyle® 235 Series III if possible as i know sound quality vs money is far from best with Bose, but unfortunately i don't see many alternatives considering my setup/ needs. would appreciate any ideas.

Gear to connect:
-Sony KDL-47W805A (has 4 HDMI one ARC and I think optical audio pass-through )
-Apple TV
-DVD, HDMI and digital coax
-Cable box – HDMI and optical audio
-iMac – display port to HDMI or other

My objectives:
-best possible sound for movies in 2, 2.1, 3 or max 3.1 configuration - not possible to connect rear speakers.
-as good as possible music quality considering my limitation
-easy to use for streaming music from iPhone, mac or similar
-easy to switch sources and as less as possible remote controls
-aesthetics factor very important for me, prefer to have well designed pieces and if possible all gear hidden or part of gear hidden

layout and difficulties:
-speakers can be only on book shelf above or left and right of the TV and 1.8m high
-bass module, wireless can put anywhere and wired only hidden next to TV
-shelf depth 32cm and for receiver can be about 28-30cm max as need space for connections at the back
-shelf heights 28cm
-room size about 4m x 7m x 2.8high, wood floor no rugs, very minimalistic design so not too many surfaces to absorb sound

Looked at following equipment:
-Bose CineMate® 220 + sound touch
-Bose Lifestyle® 235 Series III
-NAD 7050 – not sure about speakers and whole setup
-B&O Beolab 17, not sure about receiver and setup
-Orb audio speakers, not sure is the are better than Bose as size about same

Bose is simplest and easiest out of box solution , connect all sources to Bose console via HDMI and console to TV and all working with one remove and I can stream music via sound touch.
But are there a better options, Bose is about 1500usd and 3500usd and B&O speakers only 3000USD so budget about 5000USD but if there is much better option can be more.

Thanks a lot for help, appreciate any ideas/ thought
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