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Bose Cinemate 130 vs the field

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Hello everyone,

I am interested in purchasing a soundbar and I have my eyes on the Bose Cinemate 130. The system plus adding SoundTouch will run 1600. However, after much reading on these forums, I have realized that I could put together a much better system for half the price.

Any suggestions for the following specs?

Soundbar +/- subwoofer is the base system
Mimics surround sound
Multiple HDMI inputs
Able to wireless stream audio using tablet
Can also stream audio in speakers in different rooms (multi room audio)

I know I could just google the best components and slap it together but there is an art to putting together a quality system and I wanted to ask those who know what they are talking about. Thanks!!!
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I think the only product that will do almost everything you want is Sonos. Sonos doesn't switch HDMI, you would either have to get a switcher or use the TV as a switcher.

The big thing that rules out many of the better sounding sound bars is integrating the multi-room audio system.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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