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BOSE Lifestyle® V25?

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Hi everyone.

I know that I'm new to this forum and didn't really contribute yet, but I kindly ask you for your help.

My father looking for a home cinema and is eager to buy a BOSE Lifestyle® V25 sound system for his new apartment. I do not have a wide knowledge about audio systems but I have read that BOSE is 50% marketing, 35% hype and 15% quality, therefore I've been trying to dissuade him from buying it and trying to persuade him into buying something better for a lower cost. I showed him topics on this forum, the link from intellextual about BOSE, and many other links that say BOSE is crap. Unfortunately my father is not really very technical and I'm fighting against persuasive salesmen. I know that this forum shares quite a hate for BOSE so maybe you would be willing to help me to find a competing option to propose.

I would like to suggest him a better, more cost-wise setup and I'm seeking for your opinion.

The room that the system is going to be installed in has about 20-25 square meters. The bedroom around 15 sq. meters and the bathroom has about 15 sq. meters as well. There is a plan that there will be ultimately speakers in each of this room so the audio setup has to be able to play music in many rooms separately (just like BOSE). The speakers also have to be able to be hanged on the wall and they should not be too big. It would also be nice if they looked good, BOSE may be overpriced mediocre gear but it does look good. My father is not an audiophile and will not try to find every nuance in the music so the quality of sound does not necessarily have to be perfect.

Could you advise me on some audio setup that fulfills above features and is better than BOSE Lifestyle® V25? It would make my heart bleed to see my father spend way too much of his hard earned money on over-hyped gear. I will appreciate your help

Thank you very much in advance!
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It sounds like your father has a pretty good idea what he wants.

I think your best bet would be to make contact with a dealer/installer in your area that can come to his home and show him some higher-quality alternatives to the crappy overpriced Bose system.

What total price are you talking about? The details are a bit sketchy for anyone to get specific about recommendations.

KEF and PSB are companies that have good speakers for wall installation, as does JBL (see their L820 and L810).

Wall-mounted speakers generally perform better than in-wall speakers.

Denon receivers are very good and if you look at the features on the models on their website you can sort out which you need.
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Well Bose doesn't get much love on this forum and if you really want the best sound for the money, you won't buy Bose...and the Lifestyle system goes for over 2000 dollars, so that isn't cheap by most standards for essentially a HTiB!

Bose has two things that a lot of systems don't have...small form factor and very easy set up and usage. I bought a Bose Wave alarm clock/CD player for my elderly mother because even simple remote-controls confuse her. And the Bose system will be an improvement over TV speakers...but not by much. Bose satelitte speakers are on par with the small Htib speakers- single 2.5 inch drivers, no tweeters. Maybe the Bose is the right system for your father!

However, the Cambridge Audio Minx speakers, or the Orb speakers are both small wall mountable speakers (as well as the ones listed above) that would be an improvement over Bose- however, then you are looking at buying a receiver, a DVD player or CD player or both...

Originally Posted by Elihawk  /t/1415098/bose-lifestyle-v25#post_22122014

However, the Cambridge Audio Minx speakers.. would be an improvement over Bose-
+1. Much higher quality, much lower cost, and you can get the electronics you need from Cambridge as well. Don't be surprised at paying half for one of their Minx systems than what the Bose would cost, yet you'll get a better product.
Another vote for something like the Cambridge Minx.

There is also a video in this link

A decent receiver and a decent Bluray player, will be all you need for

movies and music.
There are many systems you can put together that will out perform Bose for that money. No matter which you choose I'd get him an easy to use programmed universal remote. One of the Bose advantages is easy set up and use. Buying a bunch of better performing components and not having a way to make it easy to use will not make him happy.
Take him to a store and listen to some of the smaller bookshelf speakers from Definitive Technology, Energy, etc ...

There are many good alternatives that are lower in cost and sound better.

It looks like you need to get him out to listen, that's the only way to convince him.

On the other hand, it's his money and if he doesn't want to take your advice, that's his loss.
Here's a pretty good complete system from Yamaha for $700 at Amazon; the YHT-895BL. Check it out.

Here's one that may be even better from Denon for only $599; the DHT-1513BA. This one has a nice Denon receiver and a complete set of Boston Acoustics 5.1 speakers.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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