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Hello I have the Bose home theater set up that I listed in the title... I was messing around with the settings for the very first time in depth and I ended up turning off range compression (Dynamic Range) I usually turn that off on anything I have... But I saw something called Mono Decoding and it lists as description "Processing mono sound for multiple speaker playback"..

I was wondering should I turn it on? It is off by default... It is hard to mess with the settings as its hard for me to tell a real difference.. However turning off Range compression made it sound even more great. So the question is Mono Decoding on or off? Thanks. I may have more questions as we go along.


What I figured out was basically sound that comes out of just 1 speaker will come out of all speakers if I put Mono Decoding out... I pretty much only noticed this with voices i think? Or does it just out put every sound at every speaker?
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