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Bose system alternative

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I previously posted requesting advise on a Bose Lifestyle 50 system for my HT/HA needs for a new home to be built later this spring. As a result of the comments I received I asked a local AV dealer for a different system.

I would like to have a HT with concealed speakers and audio with concealed speakers in 9 other rooms. I am looking for a “medium priced†system (
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All depends on what you want to spend. That 50" plasma alone is 8-10k. I think you could get a very comparable system for half that.
Seems like a lot of cash for a 50" theater setup. Just a suggestion, never go into a hifi salon and tell them you have $20K to spend, because that is exactly how much they will help you spend. Doesn't matter if you ask for low, mid or high end, it's going to cost $20K.

Good point. I did not give a $ amount that I wanted to spend. I only told him that I wanted a "decent" system, not a "top end" one. This was his initial recommendation. I would like to spend less and before I discuss his recommendation I wanted to hear from others regarding whether the hardware recommendations are ok or excessive.

I tried to check prices of equipment on the web and they seem to be in the ball park. Of course, the proposal contains a charge for engineering, wiring and programming which adds another $4-5k to the total cost. Total cost of recommendation $25K for equipment, wiring, and programming.

What do you think?
I can comment on the subwoofer.

I've heard the supercube sub. It's quite nice - extremely articulate AND it doesn't take up much space. I own a ProSbub 80, the low-end DefTech sub. I purchased it instead of the 12" or 15" versions of the same class of sub due to its tight and quick sound. Definitive Technologies does make a nice subwoofer.

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