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Boston Acoustics MC5 95 Subwoofer No Power

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My subwoofer is not getting power. Is there a fuse to check?
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Do you have a manual? Can you connect another sub-woofer and check that it's not the source?
Also try checking the cable as well. Many powered subs do usually have a fuse on the back of the amplifier. It will have a screw in the center you can remove and the fuse is inside. I would try that and see if that is the problem. If not it could be the power supply in the amplifier too.
I tried plugging the subwoofer into a different outlet. Still no LED light. I purchased a replacement fuse (1.6 amp / 250 volt). Still no LED light.

I called Boston Acoustics today. I told them I would try the fuse first. They gave me a number to call a service center that fixes Boston Acoustic speakers under warranty.
Boston Acoustic gave me the for United Repair to fix the subwoofer under warranty. It looks like will have to pay for shipping it to them. Does anyone know the cheapest way to ship a subwoofer? They are pretty heavy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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