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Hello everyone. I recently purchased the Denon DHT590BA from Best Buy that comes with the Boston Acoustics MCS90 series to go with my 50'' Samsung plasma and have been absolutely loving it....

Except for one big problem! The subwoofer flutters horribly at times during movies. This is especially frequent during movies with formats like Dts Master HD. During certain moments where the bass is supposed to be really deep, I get this ugly "fluttering" noise that seems to shake the floor boards of the whole room. My main question is: is this something that might be caused by having a dub of a woofer or does this woofer simply not handle these later audio formats? I'd be shocked to find out that a speaker system paired with a receiver capable of decoding these newer audio formats wouldn't be able to handle them. I really love this system and I'd hate to freak out and return the woofer without trying something to fix the problem. Here are my settings:

channel level:

Front L : +0.5 db

Center: +1.5 db

Front R: +2.0 db

Surround R: +1.5 db

Surround L: +1.5 db

sub: +0.5 db

distance check:

Front L: 8.5 ft

Front R: 11.1 ft

center: 11 ft

sub: 13.3 ft

surround l : 9.8 ft

surround r: 9.8 ft

Crossover freq:

front: 100hz

center: 110hz

surround: 90hz

s back: none

speakers are all set to "small"

Thanks for your time, it's greatly appreciated! I've posted this a few different places so I hope it's not a problem.
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