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Boston Acoustics, old vs new

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Thanks everyone for your help,addicted to this site already.

Have 4 boston acoustic 1987 floor standing A-400 and 2 -A200's. Want to add a center channel and sub woofer.Since these speakers sound incredible on two channel,should i only look at sub and CC from Boston to get the best acoustic match.

Why i ask is the high end store where i bought them originally said my speakers are to old for a match since alot has changes over 15 years.

I'm pumping out 240 watts with a great luxman amp,will eventually buy a new reciever next couple of weeks but want to nail down the sub and Center channel. The room i use is 14 ft long by 10 ft wide, not sure if a 10 inch sub would be better than a 12,dont have any experiance in subs or center channel.

Very picky but thought iwould like Paradigm,listened to the center channel and sub in the store but not really sure if i liked them,there's so much on the market

Any help would be great, thanks in advance

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I would try e-bay or audiogon and look for another pair of A400's and use one for the centre channel and the other for the 6th in a 6.1 setup. If you don't have front projection forget I mentioned this as you won't be able to easily put this near a Direct View TV or Rear projection unit.
Why not call Boston Acoustics and ask them if any of their current line will match the A400?
I don't know if you were looking at the Boston subs. I have the PV-1000, which has a 10" active and a 10" passive driver. They claim 1000 watts continuous. It certainly does a good job filling my room, whicn has about 2.5 times the area of your room. It's a little high in price, though.
Hi Mike, it is refreshing to see a Boston acoustics thread started around here. They are a very underrated speaker as far as I am concerned. Every speaker I own is Boston and as long as they keep producing great stuff it will probably stay that way. We have an old set of a-70 two ways that still sound remarkable. I would put them up to many two ways of similar quality anyday. I believe that the speakers that you have probably has the silk dome tweeter. Boston didn't really start with the aluminum tweeter until later on. I would make sure to match the tweeter with any current Boston speaker to the ones you have. The current "cr" series speaker has the silk dome tweeter. However it is considered the lower quality center in their line. www.bostonacoustics.com has a link on their site that shows some of their older lines. You may be able to find something that will match and do the e-bay thing that someone already mentioned. Or call Boston (like the other person said). They have a fantastic customer service area. Boston subs are very good. The pv1000 is amazing. And also a lot smaller than one would think. The pv600 and 800 are also quite good as well. You may want to go with an svs, hsu or something along those lines though because you may get some more bang for your buck. Good luck and let us know what you decide on.
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I'd be tempted to find another pair of A400's, as EC suggests, and use one for the center. Many people around here have said that the best cc solution is an exact matching third speaker. Whether that is always practical (for space reasons etc) is something else.

Otherwise, definitely give Boston a ring. They make several center channels (and several subs).

I have all Bostons and am very pleased w/ 'em.
thanks everyone,emailed boston a few weeks ago and still waiting for a reply, thanks for your advise gentlemen

Thanks everyone,just recieved email from Mattthew Malone form Boston head office.

He mentions to usethe new CRC and the PV 800 or PV 600 subs

Anyone using these boston products and loving it?/

Thanks Mike
has anyone had experience with VRM90's? I can't find any store that has a pair on the floor?
I have a pair, and like them (for whatever that's worth). You need to find some & listen to them.
Mike, I have a pv600 and it performs very well for a 10" , 120 watt sub. I would like something a little bigger though because now it is in a bigger area. The pv800 is excellent. It has a 12" driver and 300 watts. When I upgrade though I plane on getting the svs 20-39pci. It is tad more than the pv800 but from what it looks like very well worth it. Like I stated earlier, the cr center channel has a soft dome tweeter which should blend nicely with your mains. I just auditioned it with a friend who was interested in it. It sounded very nice for the money 250$ msrp. Since your mains have a similar tweeter it seems like the logical choice. I would buy it from a store with a good return/upgrade policy as well. The vr910 and vr920 center channels are excellent centers from boston as well. They have an aluminum dome tweeter which is very smooth yet really hits those high notes and the bass response is a bit more refined than the crc. But the tweeter will not blend as well with your mains as the crc would. You might want to audition one of the vr's though. I have a friend who has the vr910 with cr mains and it sounds quite nice. Good luck

Amerlop, the vrm90's are the cream of the crop of boston speakers. They are absolutely amazing. Very natural, smooth sound. They have the lynfield tweeter, nice cherry finish, a couple of 6" drivers a smaller mid range, and is built like a tank. They do cost over 2000$ however. You probably won't see them in many places unless it is a high end B&M shop. Places like Tweeter only cary the vrm60's and down. If you can ever find a pair give them a listen, they sound very sweet, and look almost as good as they sound.
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I see the VRM90s on Ebay regularly, not every time i check; but often enough ...

I was a big BA fan for a while, Ive owned the CR-65s, the VR-940s, and the VRM-C center. They all have excellent tweeters, but after owning them for a while I had a problem with their bass, and their ability to take reference level volume was lacking. I could easily overpower the CR-65s, in fact, i detirmined that they had very little bass. You may want to crank that CR-C center to see if it has the same problem ( probably does).

The VRM-C had the same problem, when hooked up to real amp, at high volume levels. If you never play movies loud, it may not be as much of an issue though :)
He's right, old Bostons and new Bostons are totally different. I have a different strategy. Given that the older Bostons will now be outperformed by many small bookshelf speakers (preferably acoustic suspension ones), why not shop for the best high-end bookshelf monitors you can find, then buy the center channel and sub that best matches those speakers. Then slowly retire the Bostons with new, matched technology. One rule of thumb on subs. The sub driver should be between 1.5 and 2 times the size of the next smallest driver in the system, assuming your speakers are "keepers". 5" drivers go best with 8"-10" drivers, for instance. Actually, come to think of it, NHT SuperZeros and SuperOnes sound very much like older Bostons, but with a more modern sound. The newer ones are almost TOO modern for the Bostons, but one SuperOne as a center would work well with Bostons if you are psyched on keeping them.
I have VR-M90 Fronts, VR-MC Center, VR-M60 rears and Velodyne HGS12II subwoofer. The VR-M90s are very good speakers, however if you really want to crank a movie or multichannel music, the VR-MC gives out long before the mains and rears and the VR-MC is the only Center Channel in the VR-M line. I am toying with the idea of upgrading to B&W 804 Fronts, HTM1 Center and 805 Rears, simply for the better Center Channel.

It turns out the VRM-C only has one real 5 inch main driver, the other one is passive!

Too bad, its a very classy line, I love the looks of them, and theres something just incredible about their high end ... I would love to have a set of their VRM-60s, I think they look great on stands...
I don't seem to have JohnR's problem with the VR-MC. Mine is bi-amped, powered by two channels of a Bryston 9B-SST, at 160 watts per channel. I do sometimes listen to movies loud (when my wife is not home). I don't have a complaint about the 1 active and 1 passive 5.25" drivers and 1" tweeter. I also don't notice a lack of bass. However, since they are only rated for above 65 Hz, I do feed the spectrum below 80 Hz to my subwoofer. It's not a full-range speaker, so you wouldn't expect it to handle low bass.
if u own the boston vr-m series and find the vr-mc center as the weak link in the system, then u should find the boston vr12 center( cost $250-400 used). it's a beast of a center and it has the same lynnfield tweeter as the vr-mc, a midrage driver, and dual 6.5 woofers (no passive radiator).
I have the full VR-M series setup, but I am currently in a small room, and don't typically crank the system to reference levels, so I do not have the problem with the MC giving out. I use it constantly though, and it DOES sound great. Adding a VR-M60 as a center speaker is also an option for those who have any of the VR-M's as L/R channels and don't think the MC is enough...
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