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Boston Acoustics SPZ60 fronts - what to use for rears?

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Buying top of the line fronts but I don't know what to match in the rear. Some forums say "all 4 must match" others "rears are almost unimportant" just filler sound.

I don't want to waste money yet I don't to degrade the sound of the fronts.

What would be the least expensive model that I could use as rears and still get a good match to the fronts?

Is there a rule of thumb that can be used on rears in conjunction with fronts?


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dont use anything in the rear. what are you using to power the fronts? is the door sound deadened? front stage is what matters.
I was just going to Dynmat the speaker not the entire door.

I will be using an Alpine 9887 head unit with amp yet to be determined.

I still feel that I need some 'fill' speakers for the backs but nothing like the SPZ or even the Pro. But I want something for the rear passengers.

Are you are suggesting, Dynmat the entire front doors and put whatever in the rears?

Could I then purchase a 2 channel amp for the SPZ then run the rears off the 14watts from the head unit? What amp would you suggest and how much power?

Thanks for the response.

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I have 4 Boston SL80's in my truck... Love 'em...

Enjoy your SPZ60's....
rears are 6x9 correct?

these are pretty good

these too

I would deaden the whole door. 2 layers on the inner and outter door skin. dynamat is decent stuff but there's better stuff out there for the money, such as raamat and second skin.


1 roll of raamat bxt should be enough for the front doors and rear deck.

As far as an amp goes, i'd amp all 4 if your certain you need rear fill.

mb quart dsc 4125 has been getting some good reviews over @ diyma.

amp does [email protected] ohms so it'll more than enough for all 4 speakers.

only cost 120, too.

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I am running the SPZ60s in my Scion tC and they are definitely a nice sounding speaker.

The rest of my equipment right now includes:

Alpine CDA-9887

JL Audio HD600/4

Image Dynamics IDQ15 sub sealed

I will be swapping out the SPZ60s in the near future to go 3-way active up front and will be adding a 2nd sub and the proper amps to do all of this.

Also, if you care about sound don't run rear speakers, they just pull your soundstage back.
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