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boston acoustics upgrade

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I am upgrading from 5.1 to 7.1 with a sony 910. I currently am using BA Micro 90's for my fronts, VR10 for my center, and VRS Pros for my rears. I was thinking about using the pros for the sides and getting something new for rears. Or possible moving the micro 90s to the rears and getting something new up front. I can't use anything very big since they are mounted above my projector screen. Any suggestions?
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after doing some reading I will probably get a pair of hs225 for the front and move the micro90s to the rear
Do anything you can to give your sound some midbass.

The HS225s are the right direction, they are still a little small, but much better than the micros.

I would consider purging the micros and get 4 HS225s... the last thing you want is a couple dinky satellites disrupting your midbass cohesion.

Of course theres always these BA gems ...

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thanks for the reply. I think I will do the 225s and move the 90s to the back for now. I just have to move my vrs pros up more in the room for a more side effect
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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