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I have a Philips 42PFL3603D LCD. Great picture from the cable box (HDMI) and internal tuner. When I connect it to my PC via HDMI to watch video, the bottom 10 percent of the picture is out of sync with the top 90 percent.

For instance, I watch a lot of British soccer. When the focus of the camera is straight on, the lines on the field line up top to bottom of the screen. However, when the camera pans left or right, the bottom 10 percent seems to pan slower, and the lines get out of sync. Same thing happens on non-sports programming. When the camera pans, the bottom 10 percent pans slower.

The PC is a standard Dell running Windows 7 64-bit. The video card is a an Ati Radeon 3450 running the latest drivers, 10.11 (happens no matter which driver). The PC's resolution is set to 1920x1080.

Is there anything I'm missing here? It doesn't happen when I view the programming on the computer monitor through the DVI connection--only to the Philips via HDMI. Also doesn't happen viewing DVDs (BD and regular) through a PS3 connected by HDMI.
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