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Bought 55C9AUA from COSTCO

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Thursday, I ordered a LG 55C9AUA from COSTCO. It was delivered Saturday. The truck driver's partner didn't show up. The driver removed the old Pioneer plasma to the dumpster then setup the 55C9. The C9 is a great replacement for the plasma. It's working OK except the ethernet port appears to be dead. Don't want to return the TV will work w/ LG tech support.
TV is not WISA compliant but that's not a problem for me. The built in sound is very good. Can add a WISA soundbar and speakers if needed.
Includes Four years of Square Trade warranty coverage
Total cost including delivery, setup, warranty and removal of old plasma $1,584.70.

1449.00 TV
89.70 TAX
45.00 White Glove setup and removal of pkg material. Delivery is free
1583.7 TOTAL
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I wouldn't want packaging removed. Worth keeping if you ever need to move the TV.
Depending on where you live, dumping that may have been against the law. Most larger cities now require these to be picked up by a recycler because they can leach toxins into the environment.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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