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Bought a Showstopper..... now what???

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Help! I guess that I have to start this off by saying that I'm one of those annoying tivo users, who really had no incentive to switch. I have two DirecTivo's, and a standalone, and I live near NYC so I get my WB and UPN off the bird.

I was browsing through a Best Buy though, and saw that they had a Showstopper open box (just the unit and powercord) for $150. I started talking to the salesman, and he eventually dropped the price 30% more, so I got a 30 hour Showstopper for $104 + tax.

Since I work at Radioshack, I was able to find the new RS 15-2104 remote and program it to control the SS, plus I have tons of cables from every place, so that's not the problem.

Where I run into difficulty is deciding what to do with the SS. I don't have a spare Directv box to hook it into, my antenna channels come in really fuzzy because of the WTC antenna problem, and I can't figure out how to display my DirecTivo output, even though it's plugged into the Line inputs.

I can always give it to a friend, or my sister, but I was wondering if there is anyway to use the SS to store programs off of the DirecTV, as well as occasionally use it for a three channel conflict?

If so, how can I do this?

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Not too sure about that, but you can probably get a rebate on that unit from Panasonic, so you really only spent $4. Since best buy doesn't want to sell these things anymore, I think they are really taking a hit. And Panasonic keeps extending the rebate.


And yes, even if you don't have the UPC you can get it (many have) as long as receipt says open box.
Here's another post that's not really answering your quesiton (as I don't know anything about DirecTV or DirecTiVo).

Regarding the 15-2104, be sure to use the VCR/0616 code rather than the VCR/0614 code, then you can use advanced codes to program the spare buttons to work the missing Replay functions, such as Quick Skip and Instant Replay to name just a few.

Advanced codes are not mentioned in the official manual, but you can use the 15-1994 manual on my site if you need instructions for them. Plus, the VCR/0616 advanced codes are in the Advanced Code section.
Hey Robman....

I have to admit that I was definatly using your site . You wouldn't believe how many people I've refered to you (since I have to sell those remotes). I want to thank you a ton for all the great stuff that you put there!

On another note... I just sent the rebate form in, so a ReplayTV for $4, the month after I get a Tivo for $25.... I'm in PVR heaven!

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