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bought a TH42PX60U - a word of thanks

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Hi guys -

I pulled the trigger on a TH42PX60U yesterday, without going to look again, just ordered it and set it up for delivery (how very un-me). It'll be here tomorrow between 1-3 and i'm pretty excited.

I know to many of you here it's a lower end set, only 42 inches, not that expensive but it's by far the nicest tv i'll have owned.. it's replacing a 36a2 toshiba direct view, which, in fairness - has been very good to me for the last 8 years. Some of you may remember i bought a 32" aquis and then returned it.. it was too small, the colors were overblown for my taste.. at any rate...

I wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for all the great info on the boards. I did decide to get a repairmaster warranty with accidental screen damage (i know - heated debate) - they seem to be reputable, and it was less than half the price of the circuit city warranty which to me, was prohibitively expensive.

So I finally decided to get the tv i wanted (hdtv plasma panny) and i couldn't be more excited..

This forum helped me not only to choose the kind of tv, model of tv, but also

Helped me find monoprice

educated me on cables (yes i knew monster was a joke before, but i got REAL technical info and as an IT Manager, I need that)

helped me choose a surge suppressor (triplite)

helped me get a good deal on the peace of mind of extended warranty (which i'll hopefully never need)

taught me about isf calibration which i may have done

introduced me to DVE

To wrap this up, i want to say thanks to all those who have enough love of the hobby to take the time to help people like me out. What you guys do here, i do for computers on other boards.. and i can certainly say you should all have a smile that you helped someone else with what can be a VERY long and difficult decision.

When we get involved heavily in a hobby that can be expensive.. we tend to forget how hard it is for those of us that aren't that involved to spend what to many is a substantial amount of money.. belonging to this community helped with that greatly - as i feel i have made informed decisions.

I hope to continue around here, and as i learn - contribute more.

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