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I've been bitten by the bug.  Set up a Boston Acoustics 4310 HTIB in the bedroom, and I like it so much, I'm building a second system in the sitting room to replace a crumby Sony HTIB.


I bought a Pioneer VSX-43 7.1 AVR Open Box at Best Buy for $250 yesterday.  Now I have to buy the other pieces to a HT.  I am building a 5.1--my roommate will be buying a pair of bookshelves to mount in the rear of the room to make this a 7.1 but I don't have to consider those myself.  


My constraints:


$750 for 5 speakers and Sub

Cannot have tower speakers (layout of the room prevents them--must wall mount wall speakers or bookshelves--I also just don't want them right now...will potentially upgrade to them later down the line for more $ than I have now)

Apartment complex on 3rd floor, so can't crank the bass (if that impacts how much of the budget would go to the sub).  Have carpet and may buy isolator (would not factor into budget).

TV is 60 inches.  Stand only has room for the center speaker.

Depth on the Surrounds is a constraint due to 1 going on a stand in a high traffic spot (7.0 inches deep is a hard limit).


I was thinking 3 WaveCrest Audio HVL-1s up front (I used to live in Manhattan Beach!): $285 + shipping (~$30)

Two NHT SuperZeroes as surround: $200 on Amazon

Bic F20 Sub: $200 Newegg

Wall Mounts: $50 (VideoSecu for WaveCrests and Threaded Monoprice for SuperZeroes).  I already have an extra stand for one of the superzeroes that can't go on a wall.  One wall mount will be unused.

Remainder $25 on speaker wire/banana plugs and the like.


Am I doing anything hilariously wrong?  Any alternatives??  For the surrounds, depth is a consideration because they have to be in a high traffic area (otherwise I would prefer 2 more WaveCrest HVL-1's to complete the set)


Very sincerely appreciate all your expertise!!!
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