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Greetings all,


I'm actually a new member, but I've periodically popped in and looked around your forum.  It's an awesome site, I should have joined sooner.  As soon as this problem hit, I knew who to ask...


So I have a Pioneer VSX-1121-K 7.1 receiver.  It's about 2 years old, which is obviously quite young for a major failure.  Connected to it (until Sunday) I had Def Tech ProCinema 800 speakers, and have every game system currently on the market hooked up to it (yay for 7 HDMIs!)




Great sound for such little speakers, so I decided to step it up, but stick with Def Tech.  This weekend I bought some floor standing Def Techs and a matching center channel.


I bought BP-8060ST's for L/R and a CS-8040HD center.





I set everything up everything, did the MCACC auto calibration, checked the stats after the fact, everything seemed ok.  Fired up Frozen on Blu Ray in my PS3, watched it, sounded AMAZING.  I was very happy!  Turn off receiver, went to bed.


Then the next day I'm looking at my setup and I'm thinking...maybe I should move the sub to the other corner?  So I unplug the sub, move it to the other side of the room, plug it all in.  Then I turn everything on, suddenly, no sound other than popping/crackling/static.


I immediately thought it was some sort of feedback coming from an overcrowded surge protector on that side of the room, so I unplugged the sub entirely...same problem.  I then moved the sub back to where it was previously, same problem.  I then started wondering if it was the source.  I switched between xbox 360/xbox one/ps3/ps4/and cable tv.  Eventually after literally about a half of trying combinations of power off unit, unplug, turn back on, toggle inputs, EVENTUALLY the ps3 started working, but for no actual reason.  Technically nothing has changed.  I then switched to other inputs and sure enough, they all worked.  I was then able to game with no audio problems.


I'd hoped it was an isolated incident...but nope!  Same thing happened last night.  Sure enough, after doing the same fumbling with inputs and power cycling, I eventually got it working.  I didn't bother turning it off last night, I'm hoping when I get home from work I won't have any issues.


Also worth noting is that the game systems are not all hooked up the same, and yet all experience the same audio errors.  For example, the xbox one is using HDMI straight to the TV (to reduce input lag as I lots of FPS gaming) and just have audio going to the receiver with an optical cable.  However, the PS3 and 4 are going HDMI straight to the receiver, and then video out to the tv.  So despite the input cables and method, the end result is the same on all platforms.


Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?  I find the timing very suspect that after buying this new equipment, my setup is periodically busted.  I also find the fact that it didn't happen until after I moved the sub a bit suspect.  Is it possible the surge protector overloaded the receiver somehow?


I'd like to know if anyone has had a similar problem before, and if so, is there anything that can be done to fix it.  Also most importantly, if I need to replace my 2 year old receiver, what did I do wrong?  I'd like to not break the next one.


Thanks so much guys!




TL;DR version:


Bought new speakers, added to 2 year old home theater, everything works great.  Then the next day, they emit a loud static/popping noise, until randomly power cycling and input switching receiver until normal operation returns.  This process has take as long as 45 minutes.
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