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My new Vizio came with only 1 RCA audio out connection. This tv does not come with a headphone jack but I used the audio out to connect to a Pyle headphone amp(with help from this forum to solve that problem-thanks) and it works great. Problem is I need another RCA audio out to hook up my Toshiba SBX-4250 soundbar.

The soundbar has the following connections- 2 HDMI out and 1 HDMI(ARC) in

2 Optical in-1 AUX in and 1 Line In. I used the AUX in before to connect the soundbar. The only thing I can think of is installing an adapter that would allow me to use the single audio out and make 2 RCA out connections so one would go to the headphone amp and the other to the soundbar.

If only tv's would have a very simple headphone jack none of this would be a problem. Of the connections I have mentioned is it possible to use one of those(Optical In??) to connect the soundbar? Or is there some kind of router type box where I could plug the RCA cable into it and have multiple outs like a router? Sorry this is so complicated but thanks for your help.
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