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I'm finishing building a home theater and am starting to listen to speakers. I currently like the CM10's and the Revel F208's. (I can buy the F208's used for $3500). That said, my ears slightly preferred the low and mids on the CM10's, but the bass is amazing on the F208.

I found my sweet spot of "diminishing returns" around $4000 to $5000. I want to say the CM10's aren't much better than the CM9's, but alas the sonic difference for my taste and budget will be worth paying. Call me crazy, but the more expensive speakers (above $5000) are marginally better, but not having them won't haunt me when I go to sleep at night.

Will the Rhythmik HV15 subwoofer pair with the F208? I like a big bass for home theater. I listen to 30% music/70%.

I'm sure someone's head will explode with this question posed, but I think I'm fine buying the Marantz SR7008 for amplification. Are there separates under $3000 total that justify purchasing as an alternative? I really like the features (airplay/phone app/connections, etc.) on the Marantz and am willing to give up a bit of sonic clarity.

Please no bombast or snobbery or transparent musical defensiveness in your posts.
Thanks, Tom
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