New from B&W is the Sixth iteration of its 600 series speakers that deliver the company's passion for high fidelity sound with speakers relatively approachable price points. This new range of speakers and subwoofers benefits from a variety of improvements over the models they replace.

“The 600 Series is the perfect entry point into the Bowers & Wilkins high-fidelity audio
experience,” said Richard Campbell, Chief Revenue Officer at Bowers & Wilkins.“The new 600 Series embodies the original ethos of John Bowers’ mission to deliver best sound quality and to set new standards for audio performance.”

According to the company, performance improvements in the new 600 Series are the result of incorporating technologies that were first debuted in the flagship 800 Series Diamond. This includes the incorporation of the Continuum Cone midrange driver, which can be found in all speaker models of the new 600 series range.
These speakers also have a new and updated version of the "Decoupled Double Dome tweeter" technology used in earlier models. Here's the scoop on each entry into this newly updated series of speakers and subs. These new models are available in Matte Black as well as Satin White finishes.


603 - The 600 Series flagship, it's a floorstander priced at $900 USD. In addition to the tweeter and midrange mentioned above, it includes dual paper-cone bass drivers.

606 - A compact bookshelf model, this speaker sports a 6.5-inch Continuum Cone ands costs $400 USD.

607 - The smallest speaker in the new lineup, It's a compact bookshelf that has a 5-inch Continuum Cone mid/bass driver and a MSRP of $300 USD.

HTM6 - This is a slim centre channel speaker that has the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter along with dual 5-inch Continuum Cone mid/bass drivers for $599 USD.


Bowers & Wilkins has carried over the subwoofer models from the previous range, updating the aesthetics to match the new speakers. These are the ASW610XP ($1,200 USD), ASW610 ($650 USD) and ASW608 ($500 USD).