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"Box" Streamers Compatible with HTPC Install

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Hey guys,

I'm a long time AVS lurker who posts every now and again.

So, to get started, the current rig is powered by a an i5-2500k, 4GB ram, mushkin 120 GB chronos SSD, 400 W smart power (pulled from an old rig) and antec 300 case.

OS is Win 7 pro. Primary media storage is on a Qnap 212+ with 2x2TB Samsung 7200 RPM drives. I currently use Plex Media Server and the client. I was able to recently get a Dell PowerVault with 8TB of storage for dirt cheap. I plan to migrate PMS to this and via iScsi connect to my Qnap. However, that is besides the point.

In the bedroom, I have a BR player that is not DLNA compatible. I've been toting my laptop in to hookup and watch movies but quite frankly it's a pain. I'd love to get an APTV2, jail break it, and load it with the plex app or xbmc and go, but prices have skyrocketed on the TV2's and I'm currently SOL there (even if it is only 720p, it was a great option). I'd consider the APTV3, but with no jail break in site and lack of DLNA, it seems like a poor solution. I'm looking at Roku's but reviews are mixed for what I want to do. The Sony SMP-200 looks promising but reviews are mixed especially for MKV's (which is 99.9% if my media).

Given the expertise and experiences of many here, I am curious to other's solutions as I'm sure not everyone uses a full HTPC in every room when the central server can handle the data/transcoding.
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So how many extenders are you needing? 1? 3? 5? That makes a difference from a monetary standpoint, imo.

Off topic: I have an APTV2 untethered and jailbroken that I configured and used for a XBMC guide and then never used again. Guess I should sell it.
Right now 1. Just a single guy so when at home, normally just me and if I'm with someone, still just one stream
. I'm just looking for that least piece of the puzzle as I can stream to my laptop anywhere and my phone.

I just don't need a htpc in the bedroom for obvious reasons.

Off topic: What might you be asking for it? Feel free to PM if you don't want to post that tidbit.
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If it were me I would get a small and slimmed down HTPC since you only need one. But there is a streamer forum here at AVS if that is too expensive.
I hear ya there, obviously looking to "save" on this one.
I use a roku with the plex app to stream things from my htpc.
What turned you off of the Plex on Roku route?
Most of my rips are full 1080p blu's with full HD audio and according to some reports, are too much for the roku to handle. at least from what i have read.
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