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Bravia vs. Bravia

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Having decided on a 32" LCD, is anyone else out there wrestling with the Sony KDL-V32XBR1 vs the Sony KLV-S32A10?

When I have viewed these two TV's in the standard big-box stores (BB, CC) I will admit, the XBR seems to have has a slightly better PQ, but its price is approximately 65% higher that what the S series is selling for at Costco give or take.

Has anyone viewed these together outside of the harsh store environment? Is one particularly better than the other in viewing SD? Has anyone bought one and returned it for the other?

I have read the harsh cnet reviews for the S32 as well as its new review of the XBR which was certainly more favorable, but cnet seems to be heavily favored towards plasma in general, and would like the opinion from some other LCD buyers experience in the real world.

I don't really mind spending the extra money for the XBR, but it seems to have a lot of additional features (cable card slot, built in tuner) that I would not need as I will be using a cable box for HD, etc. I would love to hear responses from those of you who have experience with one or both of these options in terms of PQ in HD and SD as well as overall sound quality.
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How about thoughts from anyone who has purchased just the Sony KLV-S32A10? They are tons of responses on the XBR Bravia thread, and I can't find much on here about the above model.

Satisfied with your purchase?
I am under the same dilemma. I compared both models on sonystyle and the only difference is the cable card, HD Tuner and Picture in picture.

Its funny how CNET says that both these models are identical besides the 3 diff above, but 40 inch XBR1 gets much better review than KLV-S32A10. I dont get it, I wish someone can explain if these 2 models are the same or not besides the obvious diff.

cnet is wrong when it says the two are identical besides cablecard etc. The XBR is a different panel with the wider color gamut technology, see sony's website, and also with different video processing. That said I have not seen the two side by side, but I know they are totally different panels, as many people have said on this forum.
The A10 also only has one component input, and no light sensor.
I had both models side-by-side at Ultimate Electronics, there is no comparision, and as mentioned above cnet is totally wrong the panel on the XBR1 is totally different, it's the latest and it's made by Samsung as part of a join venture with Sony. Yes I said Samsung. I know many out there think the two companies hate each other but that's just not true. The guts of the XBR1 is the Sony Wega with enhansed features and technology. I purchased the 32XBR1 about a month ago after putting it side-by-side with the Pany 500U, and yes the Sony is just as good as the new 8th gen. Pany plasma. If you can afford the price difference don't make a big mistake you'll only regret latter. I'm going out to buy the 40XBR1 for my family room now.
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