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I cant express how dissapointed I am with this set and not sure if this is the way its supposed to be or there is something wrong with it. I use it primarily for gamin and was an upgrade to my Sammy 56 1080p DLP set. First off blu-ray movies look fantastic. Gaming on the otherhand is a miserable expirience. I see some cloudiness in the background, not bad and my wife doesnt see it but I FOCUS on it.. but the biggest issue is the motion blur or what I think is motion blur. Anytime an image moves it seems to ghost itself or pull the colors from it and streak. Almost like a mask is placed over the images. I have all the filters turned off, tried game mode and doesnt seem to make much difference.

GT5 is really bad, every corner the cars color pulls way off the car. Extremely dissapointed and not sure what to do. Try and take it back? Its 2 months old.

Is this normal for this set? Would a different brand or model fix?
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