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Bravo d-2

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Anyone, anyone?

Anyone have this particular peice of hardware, or do you know if vinc has fixed the shortcomings of the d-1 with this version? ok, i agree there weren't many but ya gotta admit the loader needed some work, as well as that ergonomically correct remote [/sarcasm]...

Or does anyone know of any reviews anyone has done either via this awsome forum or some other tech site?

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D2s are allegedly to begin shipping sometime this week. Don't worry. When they get into forum member's hands you'll hear about it.
i was contemplating placing my order just now....i have the d-1 and have a few buyers lined up....i suppose i will wait a few to se how this one pans out...thanks.
You're welcome. :)
I ordered one first weekend of pre-order and live about 20 minutes from where they'll be shipping. I'll give a review as soon as I get it and an evening to test it!

cool cool

you can click this link after you give the review

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