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Bravo D3 report from company email

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I've read a few threads stating the "death" of the V inc., Brava D3 capable of 1080i and WMV-HD DVD playback. I wrote the company regarding this product and this is their reply:


Dr. Rings,

Thank you for your continued interest and support of V, Inc.’s products. The D3 is still under product development and we do not have a new estimated launch date at this time. As additional details come out regarding this product, we will have an official announcement.

Thank you,

Ashley Domis

Product Marketing Manager

V, Inc.

320 A Kalmus Drive

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Direct: 714. 668.2903

Fax: 714.668.9099


I guess this is their way of saying it's "sick and in rehab" but not dead!
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