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Bravo HD+ what's-up ?

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1)For those who has it. what do you think of Bravo HD+ ?

2) Which program providers offer Bravo HD+

3) How long has it been on the air........I just found out about it.

I did a search an not much came up........ used keyword "Bravo HD+"

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Try reading the HDTV Programming Synopsis. My guess is that as the Olympics get closer, we'll see carriage jump.
While Bravo HD will get some of the Olympic HD programming. I looks like USA will be the hub for cable. There is an article in Television Week that gives some information.

Now for the obligatory when will it be on Directv.

Canned response when the new bird goes up.

When will that be?

Who knows.

I want more HD broadcasts Directv.
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What he said.

I have only had my D* HD for less than a week and I already need more.
I just emailed D* asking "when" they will offer BRAVO-HD+ as part of the HI-DEF Programming Package.

Will post if/when they respond.
What blend of programming is actual HD? Is it a mix of SD and HD similar to ESPN HD? If so, what percentage is true HD?
100% HD broadcasts is what they advertise. They have some pretty good. stuff, movies, series and arts/entertainment. I'm sure there would be a fair amount of repeats, but seeing as I did not get into the West Wing until well after its start I would love to see the repeats in HD. Not to mention shows like Kingpin and the upcoming Olympics.
I we Directv subs will see it on DTV once they finish putting on channels such as the TV Guide Network.
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