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Brightest and Quietest 1080p (non-HDR, non-3D) Projector

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I need a projector that:
  • Can do well in a moderately bright room (living room w/ white walls and 3 side windows with black-out shades).
  • Is quiet enough to be placed on a book shelf right behind the main seating position (about 2 feet up).

I don't care about 4K (1080p is all I need), HDR, or 3D. I want the best quality, brightest 2D, SDR, full HD picture with the least amount of noise (*).

I've been looking at the Epson 5050UB, but was wondering if there isn't a cheaper option that would give me the same image quality and brightness for less money.

Any suggestions?

(*) The tricky part is of course that the brightness is measured in "high" modes which are the loudest. Nobody compares the brightness of various projectors' "eco" (quietest) modes :(
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Epson 3700 in Eco. Right now about 1/3 the price of the 5050. If you don't care about HDR or 4K that's a very bright and quiet projector IN ECO mode.
The Sony HW45ES is the absolute best image with nearly ZERO noise.

You will have to keep in mind throw distance and you will need lens shift as well if you plan to shelf mount.

The Epson 3100 is on clearance at a good price on the Epson website.

Obviously, if you demand brightness, then if you aren't in low-power mode, you will be getting more noise out of the projector. But, the Sony is easily one of the quietest models I've ever run across when in eco mode.
First off no projector can do well in a moderately bright room. With that said with the limited amount of info given the Epson 3100/3700 line should be your best option. We need to know the screen size and exact throw distance to make a more accurate suggestion.
Based upon my Optoma UHD50, I would suggest that the UHD51ALV or UHD52ALV would be a good fit. My UHD50 is inaudible even from a foot away, when in Dynamic Black mode, which provides max light output according to content. This review of the UHD51ALV confirms my experience with the UHD50:


Theoretically the Viewsonic Px747-4k should be similar, but the refurb I tested had a high pitched hum, probably from the 4K actuator, but this shouldn't occur and was not noted in this review of the Px727:


However these units would have to be inverted and this might require that you add a short book case above your shelf and attach a ceiling mount to the underside of the upper shelf.
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Thanks everybody for the recommendations! I'll make sure to check out all the projectors mentioned.
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