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Currently I own a Sony VPL VW50 with a little over 1000 hrs on the original lamp. In lieu of purchasing a new lamp I am going to buy a new PJ. I have the opportunity to buy a used HD100 with less than 500 hrs. If I purchased it I would buy a new lamp. The cost on the HD100 is $2500 + $300 for a new lamp. My concern is brightness. I have light controlled room and have been happy with the pearl, but have alway wanted a brighter picture. I watch a lot of sports in HD, almost as much as movies. Here is my question, how bright is the hd100 with a new lamp, compared to my pearl with new lamp. Also, I am considering spending an extra $1200 and buying a new RS10. What is the brightness of the RS10 compared to the HD100 and what do most of you think the overall picture of the HD100 is compared to the RS 10 and my pearl. Thanks to all for your help.
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